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Phar Lap, Carbine, Tulloch - Great Greats

Phar Lap, Carbine, Tulloch - Great Greats

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 Three of the greatest horses from the Past.

 Their comparative merits have long been argued. Each horse has his own wonderful story and each raced in a different era. 

Nevertheless they remain the three most discussed and compared thoroughbreds in Australias racing history.

 Many other greats have raced since then but the distance of time has elevated Carbine Phar Lap and Tulloch to the true status of legends.

They could never have met in life so I have created the ultimate scenario. 

Please don't try to pick a winner. Each horse is a winner on his own.


38cm x 28cm

Paper print


Outside framed size 66cm x 53cm

Look on 'Framing' page for frame description.

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