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Rainbow Beach

Travelling by four wheel drive, one can cross Noosa River by barge and head up along Teewah Beach to Double Island Point.

At low tide this is a pleasant drive as long as it is undertaken with care. All road rules apply.

Double Island Point, so named by James Cook because he thought he was looking at islands, is a favourite spot for surfers.

Across the other side of the point, through a track across sand dunes, is the northern side of the beach.

Follow the beach north, and you will reach the famous Muddlo Rocks, just before Rainbow Beach. Muddlo is famous as a 4x4 graveyard for cars whose drivers were too impatient to wait for the tide to drop.

One can either follow the beach to Inskip Point, or take the road. Inskip is the gateway to Fraser Island.

Rainbow Beach is also accessible by car via Gympie. 

My Rainbow Beach Collection includes familiar scenes of the area, as well as fishermen and people on the beach.